Yreka Bowl is OPEN daily at noon.

See their kids bowl free campaign online.

They also have a very yummy

snack bar!!

                  Tailgate Produce Party

Second Tuesday every month June to October


Here is a great idea which one of our donors started. For her birthday, she asked her friends to donate to the Siskiyou Community Food Bank instead of buying her a gift and she donated as well. She requested her friends donate $40.00 each in hopes of raising $400.00.

This is perfect especially  for those that do not want or need a gift (birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, in memory of, graduations, holidays, in honor of, etc.)

And, donations are tax deductible. Make sure to provide us with your name and mailing address and a donation statement will be mailed to you.

321 N. Gold Street, Yreka

11AM to 12:30 PM or until food runs out!

Bring your own bags/box, eligibility declaration (form to sign) required.

In collaboration with, Great Northern Services, USDA Food Nutrition Services (An Equal Opportunity Provider), Siskiyou Opportunity Center and Siskiyou Community Food Bank. ​2019: EVERY 2ND TUESDAY OF THE MONTH THRU OCTOBER.


Help support the end of hungry families in Siskiyou County. Our donate button is on the HOME page of this website.                         Thank You!

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​​Siskiyou Community Food Bank (SCFB) participant Statistics:  

  • All ages are served; 
  • SCFB is non-discriminatory; and
  • 99% of those served are at or below the 100% federal Poverty Level (FPL). 1% were over the FPL but had food emergencies.

In 2015:
845 unduplicated individual households which represented 2,132 total family members;

Repeat-returning customers include 673 households representing 1542 family members; and

TOTAL served in 2015: 1,518 households, and 3,674 family members. 53,130 lbs. 

In 2016:
969 unduplicated individual households which represented 2496 total family members; 
Monthly repeat-returning customers are not included in this total.  A total of 34,915 lbs of food
was distributed to new monthly applicants!  An additional 23,000 lbs was provided to repeat customers. A total of 57,419 lbs of food was distributed in 2016.

In 2017:

873 unduplicated individual households representing 2154 total family members and monthly repeat participants add an additional 846 households.  A total of 60,165 lbs. of food was distributed to our participants.

In 2018:

​1013 unduplicated households members representing 2397 household members were served. Thirty-five lbs. of food are provided to the household for a total of 35,455 plus the monthly returning customers added another 61,355 lbs. totaling 96,810 lbs. of food distributed to low-income households in Siskiyou County. Due to the Klamathon Fire another 4,275 lbs. was distributed to Salvation Army cooking food at the evacuation shelter and to individual households from July through September 2018. Grand total 101,085 lbs. = over 50 tons!

Thank You Yreka

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Donate thru the donation button of our homepage which uses PayPal   OR   if shopping Amazon, go to:

and we receive a small % of what you spend with no additional charge to you.