Additional DONATION information can be found on the HAPPENINGS page.

Click on the link below to donate stock. It will take you to a form to complete. Follow directions provided on that form. Thank You, you are providing healthy food to those in need and cutting your Capital Gains tax.

Donating stocks is beneficial to the Donor and to our food bank. Your donation will go to Stock Donator, which is a reputable stock business that will accept the stock donations and turn them into cash for the food bank. We are able to accept stock donations online in the form of shares, mutual funds, and ETFs.


Donated stocks give the donor large tax deductions that they would not receive by donating cash. There are a few items listed for you to know when and how to donate stocks.

​You should have owned the stock for at least one-year and on (1) day prior to donating.

​You will be able to save money as stock you donate reduces your capital gains tax. Usually, a 20 to 50% savings!